Investigation bias

Det här är  ju främst en klinisk blogg men den här artikeln om investigation bias är så intressant att jag bara måste dela den.


”Investigation bias refers to the fact that companies will only sponsor studies which they believe are likely to improve sales of their product.  That seems reasonable enough.  However, it can lead to an unfortunate situation wherein therapies are only partially evaluated”

”Investigation bias can be very subtle, to the point of being nearly invisible.  It is impossible to be critical of a study which doesn’t exist.”

”The scientific method is based upon ongoing study until a topic is understood, driven by a fundamental quest to understand the topic.  Unfortunately, industry-funded research is a perversion of this process, driven instead with an endpoint of improving sales.  Investigation bias is created because industry will only pursue studies to the extent that they represent a good financial investment for the company.  In some cases, this may halt further research long before a topic is well understood, leading to the ongoing use of a harmful or ineffective therapy.  Unfortunately, this form of bias is difficult to detect or contend with”


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